Press Release

Realtor/Investor Eric Lindsey Launches Freedom Capitol Solutions
to Help Underserved Communities

Freedom Capitol Solutions buys and develops Massachusetts homes

BOSTON – September 1, 2022 – Veteran real estate broker and investor Eric Lindsey is thrilled to announce the launch of Freedom Capitol Solutions, which purchases homes that are in need of repair. Developing old, vacant houses can bring opportunity and hope to needy communities and help make them look amazing. Lindsey, also the owner of Lindsey & Associates Realty, and his team have made an impact, recently winning the Inner City 100 Award as one of the 100 fastest-growing businesses in under-resourced communities across the nation. Lindsey & Associates along with Freedom Capitol are poised to make a significant, meaningful impact on at-risk communities in the Greater Boston area. “The success of our companies is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of those who work on these altruistic, community projects,” said Lindsey. “Our work and innovation have led to buying and renovating crumbling homes in under-resourced areas.” Lindsey not only employs people in underserved communities; he also helps to develop and uplift their communities. His business philosophy is to drive inclusive economic equality for those areas lacking in the proper resources necessary to renovate and upgrade housing where it is sorely needed. Lindsey shared, “anyone who wants to sell their house in Massachusetts that’s in need of repair should reach out to me. You do not have to sell to big investors. Even if the house is in bad shape, Freedom Capital Solutions will purchase it and give you cash. There are no fees and we can close immediately. I am a licensed realtor and broker with a 95% referral rate and promise that with these homes, there will be ZERO commissions charged.”

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