Why Choose Us

Sell Your House to a Trusted and Reputable Investor

There are a lot of investors out there who will offer to buy your house for cash. You’ve seen their signs posted around neighborhoods and on busy intersection corners. Many cash house buyers have handmade signs and don’t even have an office. How do you know they are someone you can trust?

You don’t want to work with just anybody. You want to work with someone with a strong background that you can trust to deliver a fair and equitable amount for your house quickly.
Eric Lindsey has been a licensed professional in the real estate business for over twenty years. Working with Eric to sell your house, you don’t just get to work with an experienced agent. You’ll also have options. As a real estate agent and investor, he can list your house or property on the market or buy in cash in as little as thirty days. With Eric, you’ll get the backing of a full-service real estate brokerage, licensed in MA and RI, with over a dozen agents available to answer your questions.
When you need to sell your house for cash, you should know your options. While many people work with realtors and list their houses on the market, selling your house for cash is worth the consideration, and there are a lot of benefits.

Selling With An Agent

Sold To Eric Lindsey

Commission & Fees

6% Paid By Seller


Closing & Costs

At Least 2% Paid By Seller

None-we cover all costs

Inspection & Contingencies

Yes-15% of All Sales Fall Through


Aspraisal Need

Yes-Sale Often Depends on Aspraisal


Days on Market

Average 90 Days

Immediate Cash Offer

Number of Showings


Only One (Us)

Who Pays for Repairs

Negited After Inspection

None-We Pay

Closing Date

30-60 Days

You Choose

We’ll Buy Your House as Is – Your house may need a lot of repairs, but by selling your house for cash to us, we’ll never ask you to pay any of those costs. It can be a roof caving in, broken pipes, or mold issues, we’ve seen it all, and we have trusted partners we work with to get these problems handled. You’ll receive an offer based on the repairs needed in your house.
You Don&’t Have to Pay Closing or Commission Fees – Listing your house on the market with an agent can rack up many fees when you close. The buying process is simple, from closing costs to commission fees. No showings, paperwork, or research are needed, and therefore no commissions. With closing costs, we take care of them for you. The cash offer you receive is the cash you will get. No surprises, no changes. We make sure you’re taken care of!
Close and Get cash in as Little as 30 Days – We will sell your house asap, relieving you of the burden of tax payments, utility costs, insurance payments, and your mortgage. Waiting for the property to close when you list your house traditionally can take months. With Eric, you don’t have to wait, and you don’t have to deal with complicated paperwork. As soon as you accept the offer, you can start packing and rest assured the sale is in good hands.If you would like more information on selling home for cash quickly  Check out We Buy Houses In Boston.