Professional Real Estate Apprentice

Professional Real Estate Apprentice

Are you eager to embark on a rewarding career in real estate but lack experience or prior sales background? Our Professional Real Estate Apprentice position provides an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking a full-time career in real estate without diving into a commission-only role immediately. We offer a unique “Earn While You Learn” approach, allowing you to gain valuable experience while earning an income before transitioning to selling real estate. If you possess drive, motivation, and ambition, we can equip you with the skills needed for success in this industry.

In addition to apprenticeship duties, this role includes serving as the Team courier. The ideal candidate must maintain a clean driving record to execute field marketing tasks such as signage and photography. Proficiency in computer skills is essential for assisting in the development of virtual property tours. You must be capable of driving the team van, and some manual labor may be required, including lifting items weighing up to 45 pounds.

Candidate Profile:

  • Career-driven
  • Articulate
  • Goal-oriented
  • Self-motivated
  • Ambitious
  • Professional demeanor
  • Energetic
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Proficient in computer skills, including email and internet usage
  • Possess a good driving record

Job Requirements:

While no real estate license is required for the interview, candidates must either be attending or have completed their education at a real estate school before being hired and commencing sales training with our team.

Submission Guidelines:

We appreciate your interest in joining our team.

Please follow both steps below for consideration:

Step 1: Personality Profile #1

Instructions: These profiles are not IQ assessments and are untimed, so take the time you need. Your initial instinctive answers are typically the best. Avoid overanalyzing your responses. Complete the three profiles in one sitting, taking approximately 30 minutes. Minimize interruptions or distractions. The third profile will ask you to rank two sets of eighteen statements; some statements may be unconventional. Please do not prejudge; simply follow the instructions. In case of an internet connection loss during profile completion, log in again and start over until you can successfully submit.

Link to submit the test: Personality Profile #1

Step 2: Establish Your Love Language
Complete the free assessment tool at this link: Love Language Assessment and save your document for upload in step 4.

Step 3: DISC Assessment
Complete the free assessment tool at this link: DISC Assessment and save your
document for upload in step 4.
Step 4: Application & Resume
Go to this link: Application & Resume Submission
At Lindsey & Associates, we are committed to helping you launch a successful career in real estate. Join us in this professional journey towards excellence!